Feb 18, 2014


Clochán close to "La Serra"
At home we ran out of laurel leafs. Since laurel (or bay, as I just learned) forms part of our common vegetation, I took my bike to get some. Instead of getting it from a cemetary close by, I looked for it in a more remote place and so could combine my expedition with a nice bike trip.

Can Vinyes
The route first led me to a masia called Can Vinyes and from there I entered a valley in direction of the village of Rellinars. Although not my normal biking area, until there, I knew the path from previous trips. Then, however, instaed of heading back via "El Grauet", I took a narrow uphill slope I'd never taken before. First, it seemed of bad choice, for I mostly had to shoulder the bike, but later, and to my surprise, I encountered a whole new world of new possibilities: small valleys, more paths and even forest roads. And I had thought, that by now I was familiar with most paths so near to my place...

Another hidden clochán

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