Apr 27, 2014

Can Putxet

Eastern panorama from Puigdoure summit
During my previous bike trip to a nice rock shelter known as Balmes Roges, I caught a glimpse of yet another abandoned estate in our local natural park: Can Putxet. It's not that I hadn't been aware of it, but it never really caught my attention. The other day, though, my glimpse at Can Putxet was from a different angle and suddenly I felt I should further explore it. Yesterday, I gave it a try.

El Farell estate as seen from near Can Putxet
Since Can Putxet is located East of El Farrell, I first had to pass by that old masia. By turning right, I then entered a dry ravine, and another right turn got me onto an overgrown forest road that after some pretty steep ramps leads to Can Putxet. As expected, not much is left of the estate, yet its location on a small hill offers nice views of the surrounding landscape. Sadly, the same power line which passes by El Farrell virtually cuts through the remains of El Putxet. I don't know when that line was constructed, but I guess people were confident, nobody would ever restore the outpost.
Can Putxet estate
To my surprise the forest road which had led me to Can Putxet did not end there, but it continued into the direction of Puigdoure, the latter being the name of both, a summit and a decaying building close by. Although not long, the continuation of the forest road is very appealing to a mountain biker on a hot day, because it offers some refreshing slopes in the shadow of a dense forest. Not far from the Puigdoure masia, I hit the forest road that connects it with El Farrell, and after a last uphill section stood next to the Pougdoure main building.
Puigdoure estate
I think it has been the first time, that I was there at such an early moment of the day, hence without feeling the necessity to urgently turn back home. I therefore decided to have a closer look at the different buildings. Most of them have their roofs collapsed and do not look too inviting. In the back though, there are some stables in a slightly better shape, as there is a walled patio which features an old millstone that could serve as an improvised table for a picknick and apparently did so in the past. The Puigdoure cave I had read about just turned out to be the estate's dwell. I decided to go for a short hike in order to summit the Puigdoure hill. The top somehow reminded me of that of Puig Gili, a hill I stood on the very same day I made it to Balmes Roges, because it too had kind of an abandoned Gypsy camp on it. It was not as filthy there as it had been one on Puig Gili, but it surely is not as idyllic as one should expect such a remote place to be. My guess is, it's the hunters who are responsible of it, at least there where cartridges around.
Northern view from Puigdoure summit
The summit, however, offers nice views and the clean fresh air only to be breathed in a natural park. It also makes for an excellent wildlife observation spot for any kind of naturalists .... or hunters.

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