Jun 14, 2014

The Delivery Girl's Bum

Sign post close to Monistrol de Montserrat
The Delivery Girl's Bum (El Cul de la Portadora) had caught my attention years ago and from the moment I first saw it, I felt an inexplicable urge to make it mine. Some three years ago, I had explored the area around her Bum, but the moment I had wanted to draw in for the final attack, so to say to lay hands on it, it unfortunately began to rain. Not wanting to mount no Bum in slippery conditions, defeated, I withdrew from my undertaking.

Centre: The Delivery Girl's Bum - kind of a strange name for a hill
During the last years I've often thought that my retreat that day had been a mistake. I have often passed by the Delivery Girl's place, and everytime I saw her protuberance, it reminded me of how close to glory I had been.  

The other day, Elisabet had been busy - a unique opportunity for me to sneak away and pay the Delivery Girl a visit. I went there by bike and it was a hot afternoon that made me sweat awfully, but as soon as I got into her vicinity, she showed me her beautiful Bum - as she does with everyone who passes by - and instantly all my worries were gone. As a matter of fact, I was sure there was little that could prevent me from conquering her. At the end of the forest road I left behind my bike and from there on started my final approach on foot. It took me some effort to mount her, because on the last metres she unexpectedly resisted, but that only amplified my lust to reach my goal. After some struggle I was able to brake her resistance and soon I got to the highest of highpoints.

To the right: the Bum as seen from behind
I admit, it would have surprised me, had I been the first one to conquer her Bum, but even so, what she revealed me when I had made it to the top, deeply astonished me: there was a register - a summit book, kindly asking me to sign the fact I had made it there. Isn't that nice? I did what was asked for and then curiously peeped through the pages filled with the signatures of my lucky predecessors. Very interesting...

Summit book
First Page
Sure, I haven't been the first to mount the Delivery Girl's Bum, but at least I was the only one that day and had her only for me and myself for a while. Whatelse can man ask for?

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