Jan 13, 2008

Moments of fame - 2

He guanyat una mena de premi. robyn m'ha posat a la seva lista de "blogs recomenables" i aqui diu que puc publicar aquest trofeu:
Ara faig que ha fet ella: Si els vostres blogs estan a la meva favorite-blogs-list, us heu guanyat el premi de publicar-lo també. He de dir tres coses mes:
  1. Ms que probablement m'he guanyat aixo per les fotos maques publicades al meu blog. El premi per aixo no es el meu sino de Elisabet, ja que la majoria de les fotos les ha fet ella.
  2. Se que la meva lista de blogs recomenables es molt curta.
  3. Thank you robyn!


Robyn said...

Da nada Dirk!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I was so thrilled to see your comment! I have been to your blog daily waiting to see what else you would post. With all your world traveling and climbing...I just knew you have some pretty incredible photos!

Frieda (is the name of the dog..right?)is too cute!

And again you are so welcome about the award! I really love your blog! Keep those photos coming...Dirk!
Hugs from California!

Robyn said...

Also Dirk are you in Spain now? If you are my family and I will be coming out there in 2010! So any cool stuff and information about Espana would be wonderful! Here is my email grneyedraven3@hotmail.com
I would love to know about places that alot of tourists don't go to! My mom moved there from England when she was 18...and taught English to Spanish children. So, she speaks beautiful Castilian. She lived in Madrid!

She meet my American father, who was stationed at El Trojan Air Force Base (closed now). And a few years later I was born. April 16th in Madrid, Spain! Well email me when you get a moment. I can't wait to show my husband Espana! And can't wait to travel with my mom and dad to Espana! It is going to be a wonderful, beautiful trip!
Hugs from California!

Robyn said...

Dirk...by the way...can you translate what you have written...I am trying to find out which each word means..but taking taking rather long time...lol! Can you give me a hand! Thanks! :)
Many smiles!

der K said...

Hi robyn, since it's catalan and not spanish it seems to be a difficult task searching for a babelfish-kind machine that's able to transform it into an english text. It says more or less:

I've won sort of award. Robyn linked me in her favorite-blog-list and here (link) she says that I can publish this trophy:
Now I'll do what she did: If you are linked in my fav.-list, you too have earned the honour of publishing the award. I have to say three more things:
1. It's more than likely that I've earned this because de to some nice photos in my blog. So the award isn't mine but Elisabet's cause it's her who made most of them.
2. I know perfectly well that my fav.-list is rather short.
3. Gracias robyn!

Right now I'm in Germany. But it's most likely, that I'll be back in Spain by March/Appril. Fine that you say 2010 - so I have some time left, haven't I?

Robyn said...

Hey there! WOW! In Germany...that is blowing my mind. One day I too, will be able to travel the world. It's just something called money! LOL!

Yes...yes on the whole Spain thing! And very cool that you are going back! Dirk...I fully expect to see wonderful photos of Germany and other places you and your love have been! You world trekker! Lucky!

I can't wait to see what else you put on your blog! fantastic photos!

Robyn said...

By the way...what is your national language? Where do you call home? And how many languages do you speak? And have you been rock climbing over here in America yet?

Sorry so many questions, but just very curious and would love to know more about you and your wifes travels!


Suzanne said...

I finally got my act together and commented down at "About Project."

After reading yours and Robyn's comments I'm really confused. Is your girlfriend's name Lisa or Elizabeth? I referred to her as Lisa. If I'm wrong, please forgive me. I just also read you ARE in Germany, so I was right about that.

Have a great day and talk to you soon.

XO Suzanne from CA
p.s. Hi Robyn!

der K said...

Hi Suzanne
Her name is eLISAbet. The Spanish version of this name is written with an "s" instead of "z". Usually I call her Lisa when speaking to - but Elisabet when talking about her. And you're right. I am in Germany and I came here from Spain. Though I was in Germany n the first place, I mean before going to Spain :-)
I really understand that it's difficult to extract all this information from a potpourri of German texts. But hey, therefor the pictures ;-)
Speaking about pictures: Since I don't make excursions lately, I don't updates my blog. So please be pacient. From april on I expect my life to become more interesting again...

Suzanne said...

Hi Sweetie,

Thanks for the response and the explanation. Can I just call Lisa, Lisa!? That's easy for me to remember!

Okay, so you're German, went to Spain to study, are back in Germany studying and once done, plan to go back to Spain. I got that! See, all those years of reading German to my sister actually mattered...I did learn something. No, not really. The only thing I can say in German is "I'm from New York!" Seriously.

And trust me, I'm not too worried about your lack of current posts. I'm trying to catch up on all the old ones. I've found so many amazing blogs and it's difficult to get through all the previous posts when bloggers just keep writing new ones! I can't catch up. So relax. I'm glad you aren't doing anything until April. And just to point out something you might have missed...your life won't become interesting in April, it's interesting everyday. I hope you realize that. Talk to you soon and thanks for writing.

XO Suzanne

der K said...

Hola suzanne
you're right. Getting comments like these from you and robyn indeed makes life interesting.

Today I had a good feeling about my project - next week my boss wants me to show him what I have so far...I really hope he'll like it. Don't have much time left for big changes.

I lied to you, suzanne. I did it when I said, that I won't do anything interesting until April: next Friday I'll visit Lisa and finally will get to know Frieda. Fact is that I expect it to become a pretty funny weekend.

Dani said...

Hola Dirk!

Vaja, veig que per fi t'has tret la son de les orelles i ja actualitzes de tant en tant el blog.

Felicitats pel teu premi, i per tot aquest club de fans americans que tens!

Bé, ja t'explicaré més coses un altre dia, que avui no tinc gaire temps...


P.S.: Per cert, molt maca la Frieda, però a mi, ni me l'acostis, eh?!

Joan Montoya said...

Dirk ja saps que ara per accedir al teu blog cal tenir una invitació o es una cosa que has fet sense voler.
Per Manresa tot be. Jo ja he acabat el mini llibre "1907-2007. 100 anys d'espeleologia al CECB" i sortirà publicat en el pròxim butlletí del Centre.
A veure si acabes d'una vegada el que estiguis fent per Alemanya i anem a fer espele. Demà anem uns quants a l'Esquerrà.
Per cert això del premi no l'entés gaire.

Una abraçada.

Robyn said...

Dirk! Gosh! I have missed you and then I got worried about your going private! THANK GOODNESS...I got invited. Well...loved the email from you. I was and will respond. I have just gotten done with working 3 days (12 hour shifts) straight and I am dog-tired!

But thought I would pop in here and say GOOD MORNING (CA. time that is :) ). Soon I am sure Suzanne will be emailing me to email you so she too can get invited.

You have a big project your working on...what type of project? And I am very sure your boss will enjoy/like what you have done so far!

Are you not with Elizabet now? Explain...I know you are married but do you live seprate lives while your work?

Also what happens in April that are sounding so excited about...? Is it my birthday? LOL! Just joking, but it is my birthday! :)

Talk to you soon,

Elisabet said...

Hi everyone!

I'm Elisabet (or Lisa, it doesn't matter) and since you guys were curious I just decided to stop by and say hello!

Well, robyn, let me explain you, we're not married, we're just a happy couple without bureocracy :)

I think in Europe it's not so common to get married and the couples that do, often do in later than in America, as far as I know.

We were both living in Spain for the last 4 years, and since this change of Dirk moving to Germany was something temporary, I decided to stay here, since it was very difficult for me to leave the job for just a few months.

We have known for years that this had to happen some time, because dirk needed to finish his BSc, but we also needed to find the good moment.

Although it is hard, it is not so bad with all these cheap flights now available within europe, so, yes,it's a long way apart we are, but fortunately it does not feel so bad.

And now I'm so excitet bout dirk's coming to visit me!!

I'll take some time to visit your blogs, too!

See you,


Robyn said...

Oh Elisabet is so wonderful to meet you! Hello...Hello!

"Well, robyn, let me explain you, we're not married, we're just a happy couple without bureocracy :)"

I do compeletly understand...Jim and I were the same as Dir and you, we lived together for 9 years before we got married. So we were very European then! LOL!

I too, am excited that Dirk is being able to come and see you! How lovely for your both! Have fun...no have lots of fun. And so glad we chatted! Take care and talk to you soon enough!

Robyn said...

Dirk! Where are you? Are you ok? How is Elisabet? Please email me or post something here! Miss you terribly!