Jan 3, 2008

About projects

So far so good, 2008 and all systems fine. (Hola Dani!)

I hope that both of my readers, me included, will have a deeply satisfying year and will make true all ongoing and outcoming projects!

My plan is first of all to get this engineer degree, to go back to Catalonia and find a work there, to start living with Lisa together for the first time, make some beautiful excursions, Pyrinee-summits and caves and maybe to help with the education of Frieda a Great Dane (Deutsche Dogge, Dogo Aleman).

I realize that I don't know about the projects of some of my best friends in Germany and Catalonia.
Two are preparing the last things for a kind of world trip, one will have a child, another has already two, one will probably start studying for a master ... but the rest?

What about you? Why don't you tell us about your projects for 2008? Feel free to leave a comment whether friend or not, colleague or cosmic girl!

....'cause virtual insanity is what we're are living in


Robyn said...

WOW! Fantastic photos! So is that you dangling hundreds of feet up high on the side of a rock face?! OMG! That is super scary but really COOL at the same time! I will certainly visiting more! WOWsers! Can't wait to see whats next on your journey! Oh by the way 'nice to meet you'!

Joan Montoya said...


La setmana pròxima anirem a l'Esquerrà. Espero que l'any et vagi molt bé. Molt maca la teva nova...filla.

der K said...

@Joan: Molt be! Ja m'agradaria venir. Em sembla que nomes conec la via marca torres pero mai he fet fons alla. Quina via feu? La re-descoberta fa relativament poc?

@robyn: Hi, it's mostly just hiking. I'm too afraid of pain for learning how to climb, usually too tired in the morning to make really serious excursions and maybe too old for certain things. But yeah, sometimes you have to look well where to step and be concentrated. The worst that
happened so far was due to lightening when we were on top a mountain...hope not to experience that again.

Suzanne said...

I love the architecture. It's so old and beautiful. Even the cobblestone road, just stunning. And your girlfriend is lovely too! Didn't mean to leave her out! I found you though Robyn an what a joy. Good luck with your engineering degree. Most of my friends are engineers, so know the ropes. It's a long, hard road. Good luck.

XO Suzanne

der K said...

Welcome Suzanne!
That's funny, I know a lot of people from the artist-section.
The cobblestone picture was taken in my grew-up-town's old-town. Thanks for encouraging me ... hope to get this done soon.
I like your cat's altar between the lamps and in front of the window that offers that fantastic view. When I came over your blog (via 1pic) for the first time it was the opening-picture.

Suzanne said...

Oh, forgot to mention the "Cat's Alter!" It used to have a beautiful urn, but the kitties seemed to like the space, so the urn was replace with a fluffy pillow. Our kitties are obviously very spoiled and get what ever they request, even if it means the interior design suffers. Do you think they realize how lucky they are?

XO Suzanne

Suzanne said...

Oh dear, the comment your reading was my second comment. Somehow, my first comment evaporated into thin air. I'll try to recreate it.

Actually, no I won't. I'll write tomorrow. I have to feed T-Bone and the kitties right now and don't have the time to write. I can' believe that whole comment just vanished! Oh, well, something to look forward to tomorrow. Thanks for your kind reply. I really enjoyed hearing from you! Let's keep in touch.

XO Suzanne

Suzanne said...

Hey you!

Well, since my first comment vanished, I took time to visit your entire site. Wow. You have some awesome photos. Very, very beautiful. Don't stop! It's nice to sit here in my chair and travel the world with you and Lisa. Thank you for sharing them.

My younger sister took 4 years of French and 4 years of German in high school, and I was always asked to help her study for exams. I didn't speak or read either, but her instructions were "Just read the words as you see them and I'll answer the questions." Okay. So I do recognize German. Let me try to get this straight...you're from Spain, but in Germany for school? Once you've completed your Masters you're going back to Spain? Am I close?!

My Grandmother was a nurse and when she retired she took one trip to celebrate. She traveled to Spain and spent 2 months. It was the only place she wanted to visit. Why? I don't know. I was a teenager and too self absorbed to ask the important questions, so will never know. However, I do know she had a wonderful time.

It's been wonderful meeting you. Please stop by any time and I'll do the same. I'll link to you if you don't mind because I think my friends would enjoy visiting your blog.

All the best to you and Lisa,
XO Suzanne